What is a Pendant Wand?

What is a Pendant Wand?

opaldelightThis is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions from potential customers. The creation is typically a sterling silver tubular wand with other metals sometimes added. Crystals — usually double terminated or natural scepters — are inserted into each end to create a transmission and receiving tool. Additional cabbed and/or faceted stones adorn the barrel of the wand, as well as thematic creations. The stones call to each other and guide me as to which ones choose to work together and specify placement and arrangement. I work with native and druidic traditions to activate each stone’s medicine and synergistic interaction. When guided, I also insert smaller stone pieces and gathered plant material inside the barrel of the wand to include augmented medicine. This additional step most often occurs as part of a custom order/commission creation. The stones can be further programmed individually and as a group to strengthen the focused purpose of the wand. Wands are most commonly used to enhance manifestation and protection. They are strongly active when worn as a pendant and can also be taken off their chain for more focused work. When noticed on the wearer, most people in the world perceive them as stunning pieces of jewelry. They are immediate eye catchers and conversation pieces. The included picture is a pendant wand recently purchased by a special friend, who immediately wore it on her trip to Europe (along with a turquoise dream pendant). She shared that she was stopped often by others that both admired and were drawn to it energy and beauty.  StoneWolf

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