Who is StoneWolf

I have been a lifetime mystery to myself and committed to my path of self discovery and transformation. I do my best to live my edges. I have defined and redefined who I am and what I do numerous times. As a rennaissance man, I have explored many pursuits and acquired a plethora of skill sets.  I have had a continuous blast along the way, while growing and evolving myself in the process. The last 3 decades I have concentrated my energies into embracing my Cherokee and Druidic heritages, deepening my spiritual self, and pursuing my artistic callings.

After many years of hearing the call and feeling the yearning, I finally said “yes” to silversmithing. And here I am 3 years later, continuing to learn more each day.. Whether as a musician, song writer, performer or as a silversmith, my role is to listen and be the vessel through which the creation unfolds and tangibly animates. I listen to stones as they talk to me and to each other. I listen as they call to the metals that will be their containers. I listen as the creation tells me how to activate it. I have learned not to intrude into the flow.

The partnered co-creation process is both meditative and ecstatic. The birthed spiritual tools fill my soul with awe and wonder when I hold and view each new creation. Gratitude radiates in both directions.

Blessings, StoneWolf 


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